Prairie Learning Center

The Prairie Learning Center spans from the Lewis 9-Springs E-Way across the prairies surrounding the Lussier Family Heritage Center and over to William G. Lunney Lake Farm County Park. The prairie areas are in various stages of restoration including a 25-year old restored prairie and a much newer restoration project at the Lussier Family Heritage Center. 

PLC Sign

Project Partners

The Prairie Learning Center was established in 2017 as a partnership project between the Lussier Family Heritage Center, Dane County Parks, the Friends of Capital Springs Recreation Area (FOCSRA), and Madison Area Master Gardeners (MAMGA). 
Prairie Burn

Restoration Efforts

Madison Area Master Gardeners adopted the prairie at the Lussier Family Heritage Center as the location for their Signature Project. Their efforts have removed numerous invasive Species such as Buck Thorn, Honey Suckle, Wild Parsnip, and Reed Canary Grass.  Dane County Park staff along with FOCSRA volunteers regularly burn or mow the prairies as an invasive management strategy.  

Education Program

Prairie Education Opportunities

We regularly put on learning opportunities for both adults and youth regarding invasive management, seed collection, and plant and animal identification. For upcoming events visit our event calendar.   

Prairie Flowers

Volunteer Opportunities

Join MAMGA and the Friends of Capital Springs Recreation Area for bi-monthly work days in our prairie. Work days typically run on Fridays twice monthly from May-October from 9am-12pm. Contact FOCSRA Naturalist, Clare Carlson for more information.